Take a Tour of America's Dying Malls!

in abandoned •  2 years ago

I don't know about you, but I love seeing photos of old, abandoned buildings.

Here's an awesome video of a mall in High Point, NC.

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Ahh, amazing. Reminds me of the automotive factories in Detroit (some that I visited recently)... When you have a few minutes, here's a great short film on Allan Hill, caretaker of the now abandoned Packard Plant...

There truly is something eerie and depressing about a dead mall. Or any abandoned building, for that matter. I am highly fascinated by empty old buildings. I managed to get photos of Antioch Mall in Kansas City as it was being torn down back in 2012. I want to make a post about it sometime soon.

Its a shame to think that they may be tearing this beautiful mall down . Surely the university or somebody can do something , or transform the inside into something cool ! Or some type of state of the art training centre , i mean what a waste ! Its not even that old built in 1995 . Its very sad and lonely to watch ...😢


I agree. It seems people want more outdoor malls than anything these days!


I grew up mall crawling , back then there was nothing else to do , lol ! I guess alot of people order on line now a days as well , so malls are going the way of Blockbuster and House Of Music and Video! ( HMV )unless they can figure out a way to revamp them some how to attract the peole back , they will soon , all shut down. Thanks so much for replying to my comment ! 👍😉💙


I agree. That is some beautiful architecture that should not be destroyed. The University of Iowa bought a dead mall nearby in Iowa City. Those huge buildings have a lot of potential.


Yes for sure ! I hope they do something instead of tearing it down 💙👍

This looks very similar to the Eastland Mall near me in Charlotte, which also closed, sat empty for years, was finally torn down, but the land is still unused.

I like seeing these kinds of abandoned places, very interesting! One of my only posts on here is about America's first highway which was abandoned. Thanks for sharing this!


You bet. There's also a great show on the Viceland channel called "Abandoned" that is really interesting as well. Check it out.

They could be transformed into sustainable housing for the homeless...


Or make spaces/Bitcoin currency exchanges...:)


YES that too...

gotta say.... this is an excellent video. Also, I think the architect / architecture is the same as the Boulevard mall in Tonawanda, NY. This mall is eerily familiar to me.

it's a beautiful building..will it be used for another thing? such a waste if torn down, a lot can be done with it.

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Google bought a mall in California - Google Offices — Mayfield Mall — Mountain View. http://tinyurl.com/google-glass-buys-mall
There are High Schools, Health Care Centers and Green Houses that use to be malls.
Many malls in florida have playgrounds/indoor amusement parks/movie theaters/child care centers/zombie shooter games/rental space for parties/trampolines etc. .. to attract families.
A few people will miss their goofy times at the mall. Bye bye 20th century.


Interesting. I wasn't aware Google bought a mall.


Google bought the mall to house their Google Glass offices in 2013. Google Glass has gone into the medical industry. http://tinyurl.com/google-glass-is-not-dead

The best post.
Congratulations, @berniesanders

Is this what it comes to?


Making a post about a cool video of something I enjoy! Yep, that's what it's come to!

Would you prefer I write about how conscious I am? Or how great my promotion of Steemit is? Maybe I could write another post about how we're losing users, would that be better?


Well, if you could pull the math that confirms that the experiment has been end-runned by sp delegation, that would be great.

I was referring to you getting greyed out, I wouldn't have thought that possible.
But I don't have all the math committed to memory.

I like empty malls, too.
It is a clear crack in crapitalism.

Very nice ~.~ thank you for sharing

I've heard that the plan is to retrofit a lot of retail malls to be parking garages for fleets of autonomous cars. I guess the same reasons that made their original developers choose their location will make them perfect for this second life.

I suppose many will blame Amazon for this to happen.

If you like this kind of video, you will probably see many more in the coming years:

A Third of American Malls Will Close Soon

Wow. This is actually a really old and rustic interior design. It is sad to think it is being shelled. What led to the close of this mall?

Spooky. Monuments to the early age of unbridled consumerism.

Trololololol (the battle cry of the abandoned mall people, not to be confused with trolling)


:( I was enjoying the dead mall with you, why you hurt me.