Extraordinary Insights: AAKOM Curated Posts (18 Dec 2017)

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This is the first in a weekly post designed to aggregate the most interesting future articles that give new and personal insights in the areas of esoteric and exoteric sciences, as per the mission of AAKOM.

The problem with some “curated content posts” is that they need to be published quickly so that there are still enough voting days left to reward the authors. Here, I am experimenting with a different way of doing this.

I shall publish a new post every Monday, hopefully with a few links to posts that caught my eye during the weekend. During the rest of the week, I shall add further links as comments. It is in this sense that the aggregator looks forward to the week ahead rather than being a summary of the recent past.

How you can help

You too can add a link to any article that is relevant and interesting – just leave a comment. Good links will be rewarded with upvotes to both the commenter and the article itself. (The new @aakom account currently has no real voting power, but the sister project @accelerator will vote for now.)

The areas of interest to AAKOM span many different tags, so it is not enough to just look at the newly published stream in one or two key tags. It is also more than likely that an individual will post on many different topics, so that those personal insights may be published as one-off gems! Hence, my appeal to the community to help bring together the most interesting content in the esoteric and exoteric sciences. This will also help foster further discussions and develop new friendships.

To content creators

If you post an article that you feel would contribute to the themes of AAKOM, then feel free to use the #aakom tag. This means your post will appear within the AAKOM forum. Please ensure it is the first tag used, otherwise it will not appear within the forum (although it will still appear on other platforms). Also note that the forum is moderated, so any post deemed inappropriate will be hidden from the forum (although, again, it will still appear in other platforms).

So where are these Extraordinary Insights?

As this is the first post, I thought it needed some form of introduction. I am also aware that today is not a Monday!

So here is today’s selection:

Who Am I? The Path To Enlightenment, Initiation 4 of 9

Meditation: The 10 year journey to find that place inside yourself

Are we all just tripping?

Let's see what else this week has to offer...

And dont forget to follow @aakom for updates on the whole project and new articles.

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These are interesting from today.

The Absurd. Albert Camus and Zen.

The 1% Depend on the 99% Being Sheep, Stop Blaming Them and Do Something About It!

Feel free to add a comment with links to interesting articles on esoteric and exoteric sciences, even your own!
Good comments will be rewarded.

what's up rycharde, is this your new bag? peace


Hi, it's still part of MAP, but wanted to post a couple of articles so can link back to them.
You may have noticed the #aakom forum has been there for a while, just unpopulated due to lack of time.
Now am on "holiday" so have time to sort out MAP in such a way that when I return to my day-job it can run without me being a bottle-neck! Hoping :-)


Yes, haven't disappeared - just a change of focus.
Hopefully some new-found energy too! :-)


we all need cycles of renewal ! most def.