RE: We Have Another Thief In Steemit: @walterz Who Needs Downvoting, Evidence Confirmed

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We Have Another Thief In Steemit: @walterz Who Needs Downvoting, Evidence Confirmed

in scam •  2 years ago 

I am upvoting my own post for visibility....

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@stellabelle, I hope that resteeming this article helps too. I've given this some thought and IMO, the people that really can do something short term effectively, are the developers /owners of Steemit. How much do users like you can handle at some point?

Maybe it's time for an official spam-police unit with a real salary (in SBD of course). I'm sure that there are enough good hearted Steemians who would want to join some sort of taskforce.

After a month on Steemit, for me it's obvious that there is a need of some sort of police as an authority (Big bad Nanny with Super Nanny abilities)

Blockchain technology is going to be used to create nations, with constitution and all. So it must be possible to use this for cleaning up purposes and much more here on Steemit.

This sounds like a much better solution than getting drained just by downvoting or flagging in this #waronspam

I'm new here, so still learning how it all works, but surely if someone has broken copyright and is in effect 'stealing' other people's work to benefit themselves then whales or someone in authority at the top should be able to stop, block or delete their account?

I'm not fully understanding this flagging, but it sounds like you have to pay or use steem power to flag someone?

If this is right then that means that those doing good are having to pay to stop the corruption and well that is life outside blockchain, and there has to be a better way.

Hi @faustofraser, thanks for the links and your time finding them for me.
I have read them all and have a better understanding now.

You naughty woman you! 😁

ha ha! I broke my 0% self-upvote goal.

u can do it my friend who dont ?