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18 Steps You Should Follow To Increase Your Reputation Score.

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It was a really greate info, no doubt.. I'm new on Steemit and I am trying to understand how increase the earnings. I saw that your post have 1500views+ , 160votes+, 80comments+ your reputation is about 50+ but was evaluated in 1,14$ .. how is that possible?

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May be the reason was, after 7 days of posting, this post got more views and votes.

As i read somewhere, when you post something, you will earn 7 days from that post, after 7 days you will not get anything from it


if posts only have value for 7 days, then would it be an idea to repost the same post regularly or resteem them???


I would like an answer to zeropointman's question too? How about it can you repost or resteem a post?


I guess this doesnt work the way you want it to, because as far as i understand (im new here) there are bots checking for duplicate or very similiar content and they will flag you if they find it.

Also if you do that, you will upset your Followers.

Lol. You took the words out of my mouth.

Agree, was having the same question in my mind. Its because, the post has been made last year and that time he may have very less followers and less reputation. Its not a recent post. One can earn only for 7days since his/her post. :-)


If thats the case then this is not very supporting model where content is getting expired and not getting treated as an investment


Is the 7 day thing true, Any links where it's written.

Got exactly same question! I think though all the info given here is right, highly paid posts are following other rules to be paid high... and i think distribution of wealth needs to be reconsidered in steem

I am also learn from it

exactly same was coming in my mind. I Am a rookie here. I dont know how some people with 50-60 reps getting approx 500 dollars while others getting few cents, like him. How?