RE: [BeyondBit Bounties] Whaletank #220 Needs Edited and Posted to YOUR YOUTUBE! [Rewards Worth over 300SBD]

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[BeyondBit Bounties] Whaletank #220 Needs Edited and Posted to YOUR YOUTUBE! [Rewards Worth over 300SBD]

in beyondbitcoin •  2 years ago 

Did he just do a straight up copy and paste job?!?!?

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A copy and paste job for contests is par for the course. But when someone abuses the trust i give them AT THE EXPENSE OF ALL OTHERS who depend on my sp to build...
Well thats a different story altogether.

Yea i was heated when I saw that he was using whaleshares. I thank you for creating that token and for all of the selfless work that you do for steemit.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I agree with you @officialfuzzy as someone who depends on your whaleshare token and like it, I was taken aback and dissapointed to see this (bad press ) and bad name it has caused to the community he represents.
Hope you act accordingly and he send in an apology.

Well i will say this. Whaleshares tokens and their community cant really look bad compared to what we are uncovering that is going on with other whales.

Massive circle jerks to sock puppet accounts is alot less visible to people than things like this.

However as u can see, i take it quite seriously.

I agree with you however just like in life especially politics-the big guys go untouched. No one will go after the whales only the small guys will be flagged to hell fire. Thanks for your comment.

Send an apology for what exactly?

Will u or any of the "bad pressers" come out and thank me for supporting a number of valuable projects on steem with these very same tokens?

Nothing is perfect but i suspect those who only look at the "bad press" are the biased ones talking about how i need to apologize.

Ill apologize for nothing. Why?
Because while people talk about this shit i am giving far more than most to this community and asking little in return.
Instead of:
"Hey thanks for reviving syeempay with your tokens"
"Hey thanks for supporting the philippine meetups with your tokens"
"Hey thanks for supporting community art competitions and giving minnows the ability to get noticed without having to spend thousands of dollars"

I get...instead: "you should apologize for an asshole who tried to hurt your rep but actually did .00001 as much negative as you have done positive"

See why im a little bit "f it"?

Again ill not apologize for "damage" that is 0 compared to real corruption on steem and from a tool that significantly helps people on steemit more than it hurts anyone....except seemingly myself.

Fussy , pls go through my comment again, I was refering to @walterz not you. You have nothing to apologize as we all love and appreciate your help and kindness to steemit community especially the little once...I do attend yoor hangout guess you have forgotten haha. Hope you did not misunderstand my intent....

Not you fussy. oh no ...I was referring to @walterz ie the guy caught cheating on photos to send an apology via his blog post (decline payment on it) and maybe he will be forgiven and they will stop flagging him

Yea I understand your heated and rightfully so. I think he was referring to @walterz