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Hello music lovers and welcome in our first day of #a-zmusic challenge started by @psos.

In the previous post, Raving Foxes decided to explain the whole vision and partly reveal the road-map for upcoming days with innovative electronic music from the underrated open-minders. First day, also known as DAY A is going to focus on two kings of alternative, actively shaping futuristic forms of music for decades and constantly rising the quality bar for the rest. Ladies and Gentleman's, grand game-opener, legendary



UK electronic producer Richard David James known for more than 30 years on the stage, under more than 15 different aliases, which the most recognizable are Blue Calx, Caustic Window, GAK, Polygon Window, Power-Pill, Richard D. James, The Tuss or his soundcloud profile user18081971 where we can find few hundreds of his free tracks uploaded on one evening. Aphex Twin is the most creative, unpredictable and influential figure in contemporary electronic music. Grammy Award winning composer with more than hundred official releases and impossible to count free drops, side projects and featurings. First LP release, called Selected Ambient Works 85-92 have opened as many heads as doors for his carrier, as well as showed how much he did in the shadows of the previous years. He is also owner of Rephlex, a mile-stone label, active between 1991-2015, with more than 400 releases, giving the final one for Nina Kraviz. Number of interviews, documentary movies and articles about Aphex Twin is constantly growing, so if somehow you've missed something big in your life, feel free to catch it up after listening to his ambient/idm/lullaby hybrid track from 1999

Aphex Twin - Nannou




Amon Adonai Santos de Araújo Tobin, Brazilian electronic music composer, producer and visionary artist, reaching for the most futuristic solutions in his works, like recording sounds of lighthouse or mantis and ladybugs on the piano strings. Since his first demo and later first official release, under moniker Cujo in 1996, his works were often described by the most influential music magazines as "head-turning", just simply because lack of professional terminology to describe his unique style, a melodic blend of everything. Next year, 1997, brought changes - new name, new label, new ideas from influential press. Cut'n'step - that was the name of completely new musical style, established by our hero, already booked under his current name Amon Tobin for one of the most legendary and respectful labels Ninja Tune. With every new release, he was escaping more and further from the original form, going into the more unexpected and surprising forms of audio or even audiovisual experiences. With 25 years of experience, 14 LPs, over 50 Singles & EPs, games and movies soundtracks, few aliases and bands, Amon Tobin proved that he deserves to be among the bests.

Raving Foxes were present on Amon Tobin ISAM LIVE at Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival 2011, where our hero took us on the trip to the future, where we'd experienced how mankind will listen and enjoy music in the next centuries. Initially, quite difficult to listen album, flourished live into the next level shit. Perfectly synchronized sounds and lights made this audiovisual masterpiece one of the most outstanding and advanced electronic shows ever. The whole Amon Tobin ISAM LIVE show is available to watch on YouTube, but before you'll start watching it, please enjoy his drumfunk/future jazz/idm classic track from 1998

Amon Tobin - Like Regular Chickens


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For those who would like to join the game,

Few quite simple rules below.


Each day one alphabet letter
2 Bands or Singers, one song each.
Your feelings about the bands or singers.
Links to the songs.
Use the hastag #a-zmusic

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