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27 days ago0.383 SBD and 0.468 STEEM POWER for yury-efim-off/47dkp1-streetphotography-at-the-city-festival
28 days ago0.380 SBD and 0.465 STEEM POWER for yury-efim-off/4ybdfq-macrophotography-flowers-under-our-windows
29 days ago0.419 SBD and 0.519 STEEM POWER for yury-efim-off/7vmheg-color-challenge-yellow-medium
last month0.534 SBD and 0.667 STEEM POWER for yury-efim-off/landscapephotograph-summer-nature-walks
last month0.541 SBD and 0.681 STEEM POWER for yury-efim-off/animalphotography-beautiful-and-rider-and-horse