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4 months agoReceive 0.100 SBD from brothermicHello xeroc, It turns out it is hard for people that joined after 2016 to fit into the strong coregroup from 2016 who upvote and help eachother Recently I started to put alot more efforts into my blog. But it is hard to get noticed so seems. Thats steemit problem. Since you are a curator with a trail pls tell me what kind of content you search to curate? Are you one who cares about rewarding people for trying hard? Pls take a look at my blog and consider using your trail if you think I am worth it. message me, its always a great deal getting an answer from people who can accualy make a difference for your work :) Greetz @brothermic
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4 months agoReceive 0.001 SBD from docmasteryhttps://steemit.com/btscomm/@docmastery/proposal-to-the-bitshares-community Good day! I just want to ask for help in my project regarding about introducing bitshares here in the Philippines. No donations needed, just help me spread the news thank you!
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