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14 days ago0.000 SBD, 0.021 STEEM and 0.021 STEEM POWER for tuakanamorgan/where-are-you-from
8 months ago0.011 SBD and 0.002 STEEM POWER for tuakanamorgan/re-shelisa42-re-tuakanamorgan-guess-whos-back-20180105t000009978z
8 months ago0.033 SBD and 0.006 STEEM POWER for tuakanamorgan/guess-whos-back
9 months ago0.074 SBD and 0.013 STEEM POWER for tuakanamorgan/happy-new-year
last year0.027 SBD and 0.022 STEEM POWER for tuakanamorgan/whats-good-in-your-hood
last year0.069 SBD and 0.053 STEEM POWER for tuakanamorgan/what-the-fork-201781t8342859z
last year0.019 SBD and 0.015 STEEM POWER for tuakanamorgan/re-draconaught-under-the-hood-final-station-game-review-2017731t101035981z
last year0.011 SBD and 0.010 STEEM POWER for tuakanamorgan/re-badastroza-contest-win-one-of-10-copies-of-nex-machina-2017731t10940865z
last year0.000 SBD and 0.034 STEEM POWER for tuakanamorgan/2-days-till-d-day
last year0.019 SBD and 0.016 STEEM POWER for tuakanamorgan/3-days-till-it-all-changes