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I have researched the magic shapes of the happiness no one escapes.

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19 hours agoReceive 3.000 SBD from the-travellerthanks so much for your lovely comments!
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yesterdayReceive 160.000 SBD from allasyummyfoodsending money back for the hotel room
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5 days agoReceive 0.010 STEEM from duanesworldStellabelle are u on any of the chat thingies? Did you want to talk to me about the logo and perhaps some future video work? I never heard back from u.
5 days agoTransfer 50.000 SBD to efrageekfor Venezuela project
5 days agoClaim rewards: 2.822 SBD and 146.097 STEEM POWER
6 days agoReceive 0.010 SBD from ogochukwuGood day, I need the answers to the interview, it is supposed to be posted today.Thanks
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9 days agoReceive 0.100 SBD from ogochukwuI sent you a message on Steemit Chat
10 days agoReceive 0.100 SBD from patelinchoPlease consider cheking this post is not mine but any help is welcome
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