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Curation rewards

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Curation Rewards History

49 minutes ago1.066 STEEM POWER for spinner/funny-catch
2 hours ago0.410 STEEM POWER for v-hp/you-must-try-this-game-46-beach-buggy-racing
3 hours ago0.435 STEEM POWER for seetheworld.sgp/a-boat-trip-to-coron-the-philippines-2018-09-19-00-52-01
11 hours ago0.947 STEEM POWER for upheaver/upheaver-witness-announcement
13 hours ago0.307 STEEM POWER for culgin/where-are-we-in-blockchain-technologies-development
14 hours ago0.464 STEEM POWER for numanbutt/you-need-success
15 hours ago0.398 STEEM POWER for donatello/4vrd1u-fitness-in-the-park
16 hours ago0.596 STEEM POWER for kapitanrejven/screen-from-cs-go-you-must-watch
17 hours ago0.351 STEEM POWER for lordbutterfly/best-movie-of-the-year
18 hours ago0.337 STEEM POWER for dinver/88e9fdb3-bb29-11e8-8f16-0242ac110003