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soldier (25)

Curation rewards

Estimated curation rewards last week:

Curation Rewards History

4 hours ago0.012 STEEM POWER for sagittarius/backend-alpha-kw-33-appics-im-2351
7 hours ago0.009 STEEM POWER for kingscrown/re-soldier-backend-alpha-kw-33-appics-im-2304-20180918t145055697z
14 hours ago0.010 STEEM POWER for sagittarius/backend-alpha-kw-33-appics-im-2331
2 days ago0.006 STEEM POWER for soldier/backend-alpha-kw-33-appics-im-2304
2 days ago0.024 STEEM POWER for sagittarius/backend-alpha-kw-33-appics-im-2302
2 days ago0.025 STEEM POWER for sagittarius/backend-alpha-kw-33-appics-im-2288
3 days ago0.016 STEEM POWER for sagittarius/backend-alpha-kw-33-appics-im-2263
3 days ago0.023 STEEM POWER for sagittarius/backend-alpha-kw-33-appics-im-2247
4 days ago0.020 STEEM POWER for sagittarius/backend-alpha-kw-33-appics-im-2234
4 days ago0.008 STEEM POWER for appics/appics-update-or-sneak-peek-into-the-appics-app-become-a-tester-now