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2 months agoReceive 0.001 STEEM from hottopicHello russmaier. I Followed you.If you follow me, I'll be happy.Thanks :)
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3 months agoTransfer 3.140 SBD to recryptoHey Recrypto! Thank you for the awesome Wordpress to Steemit plugin. I am using it now on my personal site. And now I am getting it setup on our Ecobrick movement's GoBrik app. I want to support you with some steem... and a suggestion! I have a suggestion/fix that should be pretty easy to incorporate and will take your plugin to a whole new level. So our org has our GoBrik app, that our users log Ecobricks too. When they log they enter data and a photo into our app's system. Once logged the app sends a formatted email to our Wordpress site. The email is autoposted-- thus creating an automated and useful RSS feed of great content. Check out To see what I mean. We have your plugin installed and we were hoping it would autopost to Steemit the email generated posts. But it does not. :-( So currently we have to do the post manually. I also notice that when I use the Wordpress app to make posts on my personal site, that they do not get automatically posted to Steemit. If you can get this working... It will be super awesome! For our app use the Wordpress "Postie" email to post plugin. However, you can probably test with the basic Wordpress post by email function. It would be an awesome added function as it will enable developers like me to create a much needed automated link between our apps, streams and Steemit. Keep up the good work!!! Russell Ps I will also post this as a comment to your latest post for replies
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4 months agoTransfer 10.000 SBD to samstonehilltubeseed investment for your next documentary 'Steem Phenonix' ;-)
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