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yesterdayReceive 0.001 SBD from trenderHey! we’re live with first post of trender project/introduction. Kindly checkout trender introduction post with upvote and resteem support. Thanks
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5 days agoReceive 0.001 SBD from laabo-afolabi*FREE CUSTOM GIF ANIMATION* Hello, my name's Laabo, fellow steemian and animator. I'm messaging to ask if you'd be interested in your own custom upvote animation in exchange for you making a post that shows the animation and mentions that I made it. I just started offering these animations and am hoping to get the word out quickly. I think this is a way to accomplish that while benefiting both of us. Lemme know if you're interested and what concepts and ideas you would like me to bring to life. You can see what I mean by a custom upvote animation here:
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