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rockz (25)

Curation rewards

Estimated curation rewards last week:

Curation Rewards History

32 minutes ago0.033 STEEM POWER for chitah/2-bus-ki-takkar-se-12-ki-maut
2 hours ago0.009 STEEM POWER for driptorchpress/welcome-to-the-jungle
2 hours ago0.031 STEEM POWER for mahyailyas/kisah-bapak-bapak-penambal-jalan-e1f8e5d159373
3 hours ago0.037 STEEM POWER for dynamicrypto/steemy-420-stock-tips
3 hours ago0.033 STEEM POWER for astraeir/ascension-temple-art-installation-for-burning-man-2016
4 hours ago0.117 STEEM POWER for phoneinf/the-new-sony-xperia-xz3
5 hours ago0.037 STEEM POWER for otage/rolling-through-puddles-gifs
6 hours ago0.003 STEEM POWER for clearbluecrypto/50-shades-of-black
6 hours ago0.018 STEEM POWER for mers/free-hunt-tokens-the-bounty-program-is-ongoing-so-hurry-and-earn-your-bounty-rewards-now
6 hours ago0.066 STEEM POWER for rarebooksleuth/rare-book-of-the-day-the-convict-bird-william-t-vollmann-signed-limited-first-edition-vollmann-s-first-book