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4 days agoReceive 1.000 SBD from freebornsocietylooking forward to more unbiased reporting
5 days agoReceive 0.001 SBD from simonpeter35Thanks for upvoted my photo. Here is your reward.
7 days agoReceive 0.100 SBD from thatsnumberwangLove your work. Best wishes.
7 days agoReceive 10.000 SBD from seccentral
7 days agoReceive 0.001 STEEM from toscani40Hello my name is Toscani...I just lost my job...i worked really hard as a waiter for like 10 years in a restaurant...worked night after night shifts but still they decide they don't need my services anymore and that they don't have money to pay me so they just kick me out . It was really hard for me to find this job because i don't have much education....i didn't go to college...but i did look for more waiter jobs but i got rejected because i'm too old and they need young people. The real problem is that i have a debt of 759 $ to my apartment rent and if i don't pay till the end of the month they gonna kick me out from my own home. I don't have friends and my family won't lend me any money... My only hope now to raise this money is steemit...i like it alot here and the community is very nice... Please if you would like to help me with any donation.... even 1 SBD or STEEM would help me tremendously. Thank you very much for your help and i hope you have a great day .
last monthReceive 2.000 SBD from freebornangel
last monthReceive 5.000 SBD from michelleartI am a striving artist and don't have much but I love what you do! keep it up :)
last monthReceive 1.000 SBD from pushing.truthJust wanted you to know that I endorsed your YouTube channel in this post. Thanks for all the great content!
2 months agoReceive 0.001 SBD from msg768Hey! God bless you, and have a great day/night! :]
2 months agoReceive 9.253 SBD from edgesfor post
2 months agoReceive 0.969 SBD from geordieprepperKeep up the excellent work man
2 months agoReceive 10.000 STEEM from lasseehlersReally great work in the airport - when I was you interviewed Connie Hedegaard, the danish politician, I got inspired to make this post:
2 months agoReceive 5.000 SBD from barryduttonKeep up the good work Luke - You are doing important work for TRUTH.
3 months agoReceive 5.000 SBD from barryduttonKeep up the good work Luke - You are doing important work for TRUTH.
3 months agoReceive 1.000 SBD from freebornangelNo explosions or tear gas but hard hitting anyway, thanks!!
3 months agoReceive 1.000 SBD from freebornangelOne vote for more videos. Especially riot porn?
3 months agoReceive 0.001 STEEM from bottymcbotfaceIf you would like the value of Steem to soar, please vote for Steem to be added to
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10 months agoReceive 0.001 SBD from krystleInterest
10 months agoReceive interest of 21.330 SBD
11 months agoReceive 1.000 SBD from cardiffNovember 5th I'm dropping debut album, MODERN DAY SLAVERY. Just getting on your radar for now... Looking for blog coverage
11 months agoReceive 0.010 STEEM from changellyHi! If you are looking to exchange your STEEM/SBD rewards to BTC/ETH... You are welcome to try - instant exchange in a just few clicks. Sorry, if it doesn't concern you.
11 months agoReceive interest of 20.390 SBD
last yearFill convert request: 2000.000 SBD for 2018.163 STEEM
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last yearStop power down
last yearReceive 1668.000 SBD from officialfuzzyAlways remember that in giving back to others, we are helping ourselves.... This is why steemit exists. Help THAT along and steemit (and all who use it) will have the power to truly change the world.
last yearStart power down of 3,642.999 STEEM
last yearTransfer 100.000 SBD to poloniex871bed433d5caf70
last yearReceive 1.000 SBD from pjheinzMany Thanks Luke
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last yearReceive interest of 0.005 SBD
last yearReceive 20.000 SBD from tim-johnstonLove what you do and what you stand for! The world needs more people like you. I know it's not much but here's 20 SD to help you to keep doing what you do <3
last yearReceive 100.000 SBD from officialfuzzyHere is 100 Steem Dollars! From me and stellabelle! And I have to give a shoutout to the rest of the beyondbitcoin community!