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2 minutes ago2.284 STEEM POWER for travellit/do-you-feel-the-same-when-i-m-a-2018-8-3-15-57-28
24 minutes ago2.757 STEEM POWER for pedromrmourato/backend-alpha-kw-33-appics-im-2374
29 minutes ago6.730 STEEM POWER for leotrap/t6n50q0r
58 minutes ago2.588 STEEM POWER for sergiomendes/ive-been-an-affiliate-marketeer-break-away-from-bad-habits-ssezuosx
1 hour ago2.758 STEEM POWER for pedromrmourato/stage-shots-37-2018-09-19-12-35-37
1 hour ago3.360 STEEM POWER for sugandhaseth/537faq66
2 hours ago2.979 STEEM POWER for thelifeofjord/country-64---jords-journal-145-2018-09-19-11-53-51
3 hours ago2.679 STEEM POWER for ivansnz/jrk35bjl
4 hours ago4.416 STEEM POWER for saracampero/3zqzaxn3
5 hours ago2.601 STEEM POWER for minnowbooster/discord-etiquette-and-guidelines