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knircky (25)

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2 hours ago0.423 STEEM POWER for dobartim/steem-bounty-steem-vote-excange-club-excellent-project
6 hours ago0.298 STEEM POWER for mshahabi/w-tam-n-d-w-nqsh-aan-dr-slamt-ansan
7 hours ago0.297 STEEM POWER for flipstar/still-interested-in-masternodes
9 hours ago0.406 STEEM POWER for knircky/poker-hand-review
13 hours ago0.382 STEEM POWER for libert/ethereum-and-ether-are-not-same
13 hours ago0.274 STEEM POWER for karensuestudios/iaueu6ss
13 hours ago0.401 STEEM POWER for pifc/week-25-pay-it-forward-curation-contest
13 hours ago0.345 STEEM POWER for intellihandling/only-few-hour-remain-to-bet-for-ucl-winner
15 hours ago0.502 STEEM POWER for xyzashu/10-advantages-of-landline-phone-over-mobile-phones
17 hours ago0.680 STEEM POWER for jmhb85/congratulations-to-the-following-winners-of-the-bounty-let-s-ask-some-question