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last monthReceived 0.001 SBD from luca1777https://steemit.com/geoengineering/@luca1777/stop-chemtrails-it-s-time
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3 months agoReceived 1.000 STEEM from kafkanarchy84https://steemit.com/anarchy/@kafkanarchy84/if-you-still-support-this-guy-after-this-you-are-a-dumbass
3 months agoReceived 0.100 STEEM from kafkanarchy84Please pay attention to who you are delegating to. The platform and community deserves better. This post is not meant as a disrespectful jab to you, but many of us have had enough. Please support TSU, without demanding that this toxic element, @adamkokesh, is supported daily. Thank you,
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5 months agoReceived 0.003 SBD from jgaltHey Man. Thank you for the great work that you do, your github is fire and we are greatful for the contributions you have made to further crypto. We firmly believe the only way that crypto becomes mainstream is through apps and use cases. Which is why we built etherdm, a tool that connects anyone with an ethereum address, where someone with a high profile like you, may find useful. We make no money from this and it would mean a lot if you could provide any feedback that may help us improve on later versions. Here is our product hunt launch link https://www.producthunt.com/posts/crypto-dm and my personal email brandon@makesense.com thank you very much man, you are doing incredible work.
5 months agoReceived 0.001 SBD from sharilHello mr. @jamesc . i would like to apply delegation from your voluntary to support our non-english community in Malaysia . our community is @steembahasa
5 months agoReceived 0.001 SBD from inspiredgideon1Good morning @jamesc I have being seeing your wonderful support to communities and how you strive to make steem a good place to be. I and a few others started a charity group here on steem platform help to reach out to the poor in my country because the poverty rate is high and that is as a result of corrupt Government. so we created the @steemminna account but still in dare need of support. dont know if you can assist this cause or help me to seek for sponsors because we alrady started. Here is the introductory post of the charity. https://steemit.com/sndbox/@steemminna/introducing-the-steemminna-community-account-alleviating-poverty-from-northern-part-of-nigeria
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6 months agoReceived 0.001 SBD from vinzie1Good day to you sir, I'm knocking at your door to help my grandfather's medication. I know it is hard believe but i am eager to help my grandfather's condition. https://steemit.com/upfundme/@vinzie1/upfundme-day-49-my-grandfather-s-medication
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7 months agoReceived 0.001 SBD from leleleaHey jamesc would you delegate to me 495 STEEM POWER !!!
7 months agoReceived 0.001 SBD from proffitHello , I was wondering if you would be kind enought to delegate some SP ? we are all about letting everybody earn little somthing here . Thank you in advance
7 months agoReceived 0.001 SBD from kheiczie03
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7 months agoReceived 0.001 STEEM from zinmintun7Dear sir, i need some help from you. Our country myanmar is late in steemit joinning and we have no whales or orca to help in growth for newbies. I am a leader of Myanmar steemit organization and we are trying to survive in steemit hardly. My members are falling down everyday and i cant attract them to steemit writing well because we have no steem power and low payout only having. If you give some help to us, we all will keep you in mind and thank you for your kindness forever.
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8 months agoReceived 0.001 SBD from mrsgreenJust a modest blog about 3d-art https://steemit.com/art/@mrgreen/mech-2-own-render-artwork