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11 months ago0.413 SBD and 0.208 STEEM POWER for ironcoin/steemers-answer-this-difficult-question-smq19
11 months ago0.709 SBD and 0.256 STEEM POWER for ironcoin/steemers-find-my-pet-dog-smq18
11 months ago0.362 SBD and 0.108 STEEM POWER for ironcoin/steemers-find-the-imposter-smq17
last year1.027 SBD and 0.314 STEEM POWER for ironcoin/steemers-answer-this-question-smq16
last year1.011 SBD and 0.303 STEEM POWER for ironcoin/steemers-solve-the-toughest-riddle-of-all-time-smq15
last year0.622 SBD and 0.152 STEEM POWER for ironcoin/steemers-solve-the-toughest-riddle-of-all-time-smq14
last year1.033 SBD and 0.252 STEEM POWER for ironcoin/steemers-solve-the-toughest-riddle-of-all-time-smq13
last year0.980 SBD and 0.258 STEEM POWER for ironcoin/steemers-solve-the-toughest-riddle-of-all-time-smq12
last year0.612 SBD and 0.176 STEEM POWER for ironcoin/steemers-solve-the-toughest-riddle-of-all-time-smq11
last year0.136 SBD and 0.037 STEEM POWER for ironcoin/re-yuliana-pedicure-and-manicure-1273409ff4bce-20180130t204334488z