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2 minutes ago0.041 STEEM POWER for gochuchamchi/4fqvcz
33 minutes ago0.087 STEEM POWER for jinuking/1-posts
1 hour ago0.145 STEEM POWER for ab7b13/z1ltg
1 hour ago0.107 STEEM POWER for duplicate/artisteem--duplicate--1829016789--artisteem-jjangjjangman-busy-kr-kr-gazua--2018-09-19-12-00-11--artwork--none
1 hour ago0.053 STEEM POWER for loteem/2018-09-19-3
1 hour ago0.145 STEEM POWER for epitt925/tata1-manizu-ccodron
2 hours ago0.135 STEEM POWER for zzing/133
2 hours ago0.089 STEEM POWER for tintom/capsd
2 hours ago0.083 STEEM POWER for bbooaae/3-1
3 hours ago0.069 STEEM POWER for machellin/or-iii