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Curation rewards

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Curation Rewards History

2 hours ago0.024 STEEM POWER for vieanna/auf-touristenpfaden-unterwegs-in-wien-discover-vienna-like-a-tourist
3 hours ago0.007 STEEM POWER for altobee/actifit-app-update-es-laeuft
4 hours ago0.010 STEEM POWER for felixxx/lockdown
6 hours ago0.005 STEEM POWER for eco-alex/ecotrain-question-of-the-week-tie-up-post-what-lessons-will-you-take-with-you-for-your-potential-next-life-if-you-die-tomorrow
10 hours ago0.013 STEEM POWER for captainbob/hoj2gv4m
11 hours ago0.020 STEEM POWER for schamangerbert/new-york-aster-glattblatt-aster-symphyotrichum-novi-belgii-free-cultural-works-by-schamangerbert
12 hours ago0.013 STEEM POWER for reseller/h2pnlaau
14 hours ago0.013 STEEM POWER for flauwy/the-1up-voting-app-for-communities-with-smt-and-huge-airdrop-program-for-steemians-is-coming-soon
15 hours ago0.011 STEEM POWER for alphasteem/1wqt0jvc
15 hours ago0.007 STEEM POWER for uwelang/witness-my-disco-tuesday