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15 days agoReceived 0.003 STEEM from crypto.piotrDear @hosammazzawi, As every weekend I would like to introduce you to two great authors. Both very supportive and responsive here on Steemit. And creating high quality content. Im doing my best to support their work and I hope you will find those 2 authors interesting: @EDGARARE1 in his latest publication "Treasures Found on the Edge of the Road" shares his knowledge about benefits of meditation. At the same time @MAJES.TYTYTY wrote a great and very engaging piece: "Bitcoin was NOT in a bubble ...". Hope you will enjoy. I seriously did :) Yours, Piotr
22 days agoReceived 0.003 STEEM from crypto.piotrI hope you don't mind this memo. I promise not to spam your wallet and my only goal is to introduce you to my small non-profit initiative. For past few weeks I've been promoting quality content of those who I found very supportive and active here on Steemit. This week I wanted to help @achim03 and @blockshine to get some exposure to their latest publications. Check out @achim03 post "How to use Steemit to make your website more visible on search engines". And don't forget to visit also publication by Daniel from @blockshine as he is sharing his experience in blockchain industry. Yours, Piotr
last monthReceived 0.003 STEEM from crypto.piotrHi @hosammazzawi, Once every week I'm trying to support quality content published by someone from our little crypto-community. And just yesterday friend of mine published interesting post about future of LCO, which he believe will be bigger than STO. I know you've some decent knowledge about crypto and blockchain and we were engaging already before so I figured that perhaps you could visit this post and share your view (read my comment as well) on that particular topic. Yours, Piotr // LINK: https://steemit.com/news/@blockshine/ico-s-in-turmoil-we-have-a-solution
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