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2 hours ago0.001 STEEM POWER for qurator/qurator-tiers-and-upvote-weights-update-19-09-2018
3 hours ago0.002 STEEM POWER for qurator/the-daily-qurator-371
4 hours ago0.002 STEEM POWER for qurator/qurator-s-tasty-tuesday-42-food-photography-competition
7 hours ago0.065 STEEM POWER for papa-pepper/home-sweet-home-at-last
21 hours ago0.030 STEEM POWER for blacklux/4twon9-steemian-adoption-this-week-s-pick
2 days ago0.111 STEEM POWER for generikat/abberant-appreciation
2 days ago0.091 STEEM POWER for blacklux/show-your-real-face
2 days ago0.031 STEEM POWER for ewkaw/one-from-the-road
2 days ago0.030 STEEM POWER for ewkaw/lichen-cups
2 days ago0.109 STEEM POWER for ddschteinn/the-eclipse-chronicles-day-1-75-planes-no-trains-no-automobiles-but-way-many-beachfloater-s-in-zorries-original-photography-and