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haejin (25)

Curation rewards

Estimated curation rewards last week:

Curation Rewards History

1 hour ago0.540 STEEM POWER for barski/momordica-mom-rdica-ccc
2 hours ago0.045 STEEM POWER for tokyoin/re-haejin-walmart-wmt-analysis-20180919t121159738z
2 hours ago0.045 STEEM POWER for tokyoin/re-haejin-alibaba-group-holding-baba-analysis-20180919t121052797z
9 hours ago5.931 STEEM POWER for starjuno/re-twinpapa-re-starjuno-4ecpu7-20180919t050544438z
10 hours ago6.497 STEEM POWER for starjuno/4ecpu7
11 hours ago0.075 STEEM POWER for haejin/netflix-nflx-analysis
11 hours ago0.815 STEEM POWER for solisrex/re-haejin-intel-corp-intl-analysis-20180919t022616013z
13 hours ago6.606 STEEM POWER for haejin/walmart-wmt-analysis
15 hours ago0.074 STEEM POWER for haejin/alibaba-group-holding-baba-analysis
16 hours ago0.074 STEEM POWER for haejin/chicos-fas-inc-chs-analysis