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44 minutes ago15.068 SBD and 31.926 STEEM POWER for gallerani/going-within-to-know
10 hours ago10.660 SBD and 22.634 STEEM POWER for gallerani/just-doing-the-works
12 hours ago16.280 SBD and 34.568 STEEM POWER for gallerani/we-couldn-t-just
14 hours ago12.452 SBD and 26.440 STEEM POWER for gallerani/bam-what-an-appetizer
17 hours ago12.507 SBD and 26.558 STEEM POWER for gallerani/can-you-guess-what-this-turns-into
22 hours ago10.677 SBD and 22.672 STEEM POWER for gallerani/cassereggs
yesterday12.266 SBD and 26.046 STEEM POWER for gallerani/as-i-always-say
yesterday12.004 SBD and 25.436 STEEM POWER for gallerani/guess-the-dish-reworked
2 days ago13.459 SBD and 28.518 STEEM POWER for gallerani/sweet-and-savory-appets
2 days ago9.984 SBD and 21.023 STEEM POWER for gallerani/what-a-great-way-to