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2 years ago0.270 SBD and 0.173 STEEM POWER for fridjon/re-berlind-our-little-hero-lovisa-lena-story-of-a-miracle-baby-20170702t182127170z
2 years ago0.162 SBD and 0.102 STEEM POWER for fridjon/re-travelkaki-re-fridjon-hello-good-people-my-mother-is-new-here-in-steem-20170702t164356507z
2 years ago0.375 SBD and 0.238 STEEM POWER for fridjon/hello-good-people-my-mother-is-new-here-in-steem
2 years ago0.372 SBD and 0.236 STEEM POWER for fridjon/re-berlind-hello-i-m-new-here-in-steemit-20170702t162449027z
2 years ago0.285 SBD and 0.163 STEEM POWER for fridjon/re-fouad-re-fridjon-5np98i-hello-i-m-new-here-in-steemit-20170701t151425617z
2 years ago0.470 SBD and 0.270 STEEM POWER for fridjon/5np98i-hello-i-m-new-here-in-steemit
2 years ago0.410 SBD and 0.235 STEEM POWER for fridjon/hello-i-m-new-here-in-steemit
2 years ago1.053 SBD and 0.599 STEEM POWER for fridjon/im-new-here-on-steem-and-i-am-a-14-year-old-boy-from-iceland