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8 months ago33.198 SBD, 1.395 STEEM and 15.714 STEEM POWER for emptyname/logogenerator-added-icons-and-more-logo-variants
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last year27.005 SBD and 8.188 STEEM POWER for emptyname/steemrank-rating-of-all-witnesses-and-rating-of-voters-of-each-witness
last year22.433 SBD and 6.925 STEEM POWER for emptyname/steemsql-wrapper-started-redesigning-and-rewriting-to-vue
last year32.654 SBD and 9.587 STEEM POWER for emptyname/steemlyt-number-of-following-sorting-and-detector-of-mass-following
last year23.279 SBD and 5.745 STEEM POWER for emptyname/steemrank-complex-rating-of-categories
last year24.041 SBD and 5.751 STEEM POWER for emptyname/steemsql-wrapper-works-again
last year45.171 SBD and 11.570 STEEM POWER for emptyname/introducing-steemphotos-instagram-flickr-powered-by-steem
last year37.679 SBD and 8.854 STEEM POWER for emptyname/steemlyt-sort-your-followers-by-steem-power
last year0.116 SBD and 0.026 STEEM POWER for emptyname/steemrank-remove-sql-dependencies-from-the-bots-rating-add-optimization-and-error-messages