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2 months ago0.042 SBD, 0.050 STEEM and 0.080 STEEM POWER for dennygalindo/another-wild-day-in-blockchain
7 months ago0.066 SBD and 0.020 STEEM POWER for dennygalindo/re-theblocknet-word-on-the-block-15th-february-20180221t051719450z
8 months ago0.216 SBD and 0.043 STEEM POWER for dennygalindo/4a1km6-test
11 months ago1.355 SBD and 1.424 STEEM POWER for dennygalindo/2018-year-of-the-fork-6-reasons-why
11 months ago0.445 SBD and 0.461 STEEM POWER for dennygalindo/calculating-cost-of-capital-in-crypto
11 months ago0.255 SBD and 0.266 STEEM POWER for dennygalindo/a-list-of-protocols
last year0.324 SBD and 0.303 STEEM POWER for dennygalindo/indorse-tie-and-steemit
last year0.364 SBD and 0.344 STEEM POWER for dennygalindo/blockcat-vs-ether-party
last year0.640 SBD and 0.575 STEEM POWER for dennygalindo/where-are-steems-crypto-partnerships-2017811t191258437z
last year0.391 SBD and 0.318 STEEM POWER for dennygalindo/what-is-coin-market-cap-201786t84444886z