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6 hours ago0.363 STEEM POWER for alibaba987/shipovnik-dikaya-roza
6 hours ago0.691 STEEM POWER for flauwy/the-1up-voting-app-for-communities-with-smt-and-huge-airdrop-program-for-steemians-is-coming-soon
8 hours ago0.295 STEEM POWER for bobokyaw/emwasaaupelundefined
8 hours ago0.175 STEEM POWER for aibolit66/orange-tuesday-orange-rose
9 hours ago0.216 STEEM POWER for jayboi/week-7-winner-announcement-week-8-contest-with-increased-steempower-delegation
14 hours ago0.198 STEEM POWER for future24/you-will-not-believe-that-this-animal-exists-1b7050ba12624est
15 hours ago0.285 STEEM POWER for lordbutterfly/best-movie-of-the-year
16 hours ago0.137 STEEM POWER for dinver/88e9fdb3-bb29-11e8-8f16-0242ac110003
17 hours ago0.205 STEEM POWER for ety001/ultiledger-coinex-ult
17 hours ago0.156 STEEM POWER for pjau/phishing-warning-fake-airdrop