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last year0.036 SBD and 0.038 STEEM POWER for danuahmed/why-earning-have-decreased
last year0.011 SBD and 0.012 STEEM POWER for danuahmed/a-teacher-mentor-and-beacon-of-light-ambreen-asif-qureshi
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last year0.019 SBD and 0.013 STEEM POWER for danuahmed/the-real-superman-mehdi
last year0.172 SBD and 0.109 STEEM POWER for danuahmed/re-sumatranate-re-danuahmed-never-pity-yourself-amna-raheel-20170626t215333026z
last year60.327 SBD and 37.980 STEEM POWER for danuahmed/never-pity-yourself-amna-raheel
last year0.000 SBD and 0.050 STEEM POWER for danuahmed/best-shots-from-car-show-
last year0.162 SBD and 0.077 STEEM POWER for danuahmed/re-paradise-paradox-it-s-hard-to-predict-the-future-video-podcast-20170613t233058567z