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chibera (25)

Curation rewards

Estimated curation rewards last week:

Curation Rewards History

30 minutes ago0.269 STEEM POWER for kimberlylane/manna-dispensary
2 hours ago0.296 STEEM POWER for marciabon/tellus-the-warrior-mana
7 hours ago0.228 STEEM POWER for improv/dragon-breath-5minutefreewrite
9 hours ago0.238 STEEM POWER for shemzy/annalisa-and-the-cowboy-256b57e876d39
20 hours ago0.023 STEEM POWER for improv/visit-5minutefreewrite
22 hours ago0.173 STEEM POWER for sgt-dan/just-a-reminder-steem-monsters-is-not-the-only-game-in-town
yesterday0.268 STEEM POWER for igweyakubu/the-city-built-on-treasure-0474562b6ec29
2 days ago0.158 STEEM POWER for booster/4hd7kh8eyu3d
2 days ago0.009 STEEM POWER for improv/chibera-the-world-tree-s-call
2 days ago0.036 STEEM POWER for fyrst-witness/upgrade-complete-now-waiting-to-sign-a-hf20-block