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3 minutes ago3.132 STEEM POWER for alexsandr/earth-and-its-pain-7-cataclysms-for-the-week-from-february-26-to-march-4-2018
43 minutes ago1.277 STEEM POWER for ikarus56/another-way-of-eye-catching-images-with-cinemagraphs
2 hours ago5.192 STEEM POWER for reversed-bidbot/introducing-reversed-bidbot-a-bidbot-that-works-a-little-different-50-steem-bounty-on-this-post
2 hours ago5.243 STEEM POWER for igorkk/stork-a-symbol-of-belarus-a-symbol-of-peace
3 hours ago1.736 STEEM POWER for shepz1/miserable-people-doing-miserable-things
3 hours ago0.958 STEEM POWER for feri1/photobomb-challenge-39--first-entry-otxapeid
4 hours ago13.767 STEEM POWER for tradewonk/xrp-based-xrapid-will-go-live-in-2018
4 hours ago1.005 STEEM POWER for voltash/2p2vid-10-rules-of-success-from-gordon-ramsay
5 hours ago1.941 STEEM POWER for taget/marriage-laws
5 hours ago1.265 STEEM POWER for viraldrome/all-the-shit-coins-i-own