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4 days ago16.940 SBD and 28.195 STEEM POWER for borepstein/9-november-2018---yours-truly-2018-10-5-19-4-18
6 days ago3.400 SBD and 4.673 STEEM POWER for borepstein/5-november-2018---fall-in-an-ol-2018-10-3-20-3-36
6 days ago1.598 SBD and 2.198 STEEM POWER for borepstein/6-november-2018---traversing-a--2018-10-3-19-25-32
6 days ago2.069 SBD and 2.845 STEEM POWER for borepstein/11-october-2011---yours-truly-2018-10-3-18-35-22
6 days ago3.104 SBD and 4.261 STEEM POWER for borepstein/3-november-2018---lowell-housin-2018-10-3-17-0-45