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yesterday1.310 SBD and 2.232 STEEM POWER for ash/re-bitshares-next-hangout-cw45
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5 days ago0.516 SBD and 0.698 STEEM POWER for ash/christmas-latte-time--2018-11-06-15-54-17
6 days ago0.422 SBD and 0.561 STEEM POWER for ash/til-mcdonalds-brings-the-mcrib-when-pork-prices-are-down-on-commodities-markets
7 days ago0.414 SBD and 0.536 STEEM POWER for ash/eos-betdice-to-partner-with-meetone
9 days ago1.984 SBD and 2.516 STEEM POWER for ash/eos-scatter-9-6-0-released
9 days ago0.405 SBD and 0.513 STEEM POWER for ash/bitshares-next-hangout-cw-44
10 days ago0.995 SBD and 1.261 STEEM POWER for ash/eos-betdice-launched-dex
12 days ago0.407 SBD and 0.520 STEEM POWER for ash/vpn-tzone-halloween-special-62-off