Only You (Ikaw Lang) - Gratitude 07

We started out as friends after I said

I'm not vying.

We're still the best of friends but now he's my other half.

I'm grateful for the best husband there is

This is going to be in the blockchain, next thing closer to the covenant we have made to each other. I'm not going to write all the details but I will give you a glimpse of how we became friends and now husband and wife.

Thanks to the internet

God's hand must be on us to have met online - of all medium of meeting a partner in life. There are a lot of tragic stories about relationships starting off online. But we are blessed, we're the exception.

We started off as friends chatting about the Scriptures. I was hungry for the truth and he showed me chapters and chapters of truth. It was a revelation and still is today of how God's mighty hand covered me, covered him.

Love grew like I never expected and we made a covenant, it was just the Lord, @iamstan and I. We made a covenant even before we met. It is powerful, it is meant to be. We're not perfect but we're perfect for each other.

No, I wasn't after his money. He already told me he was poor and he's a carpenter. I didn't care. I was praying for a man like him and he came. In fact, he came all the way to the Philippines to meet me after we made covenant.

My dad said if we love each other to marry and we didn't need his blessing, but hubby insisted we needed his blessings, so he did. Soon after he asked for my dad's blessing, the doors started opening for us and it's just miracle after miracle.

Don't get me wrong, there were obstacles but we overcame!

The best husband and friend

We only have each other and our children. Everyday I'm thankful for him. He is the head of our home, the strength and muscle. He is not one to shy away from chores many think are a wife's chores. He thinks about us first, our happiness is his happiness.

I am blessed to have the best friend and husband there is. Who is strong and vocal, lives and walks the Scriptures. The best thing about him is when he makes a mistake he asks for forgiveness.

He changes diapers! He plays with the children, tickles them and tickles me. We gang up on him and tickle him back. Many family fun time. My dad didn't have anything to do with us when we were babies according to my mom.

He encourages me all the time and loves me like no one else did. He knows me so well, it's astonishing. I can never find another man like him. So I say

Honey, there's only you. Ikaw lang.

May the Lord keep us strong and have many years of blessings together.

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I can vouch for every word she she has written. She is a Great Pearl in my life.
Today I can not imagine how I ever lived without her. I don't want to go anywhere do anything unless she or one of the 4 children she so gracious carried are with me.We spend every day of our lives together never separated more than a 8 hour shift a few days a week. We are working hard to change that too. We are one of those couples and families that actually do things together. Everything.
She is patient, kind, wonderful, thoughtful, every positive additive you can think of she is. We we fist came together I often wondered if I deserved such a marvellous person for my best friend, partner and wife. I have come to the conclusion that God rewards us because we are his children not because we deserve it. I certainly do not deserve to spend my days with her, but I am so very fortunate that I do. I want to put this strongly on the block chain, so that my children can read it and know how spectacular their Nanay is. Thank You @lovenfreedom for not vying for me!

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What a lovely expression of love! I am so glad you decided to write this as well. I think the who in our lives definitely need to know how much we care and appreciate them. Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship and strong family bonds. -Aimee


Thank you! I did reserve the 7th day for hubby. He's the right one for me and the answer to my prayers. I'm happy you found your match in Matthew.