7 Day Positivity Challenge - Day 7

Today was a big deal for me because it was my first audition since having my second baby.

Leaving my two kids and traveling into central London alone felt very alien, and I had mixed emotions of guilt and relief as I tried to focus on my lines - which, by the way, probably made me look like a mad woman muttering to herself! - Earphones! Why didn't I think of this sooner? People have hands free conversations on their phones all the time in public, so all I had to do was stick my earphones in my ears and (voila!) no longer did I have to worry about looking nuts!

It was actually the perfect kind of conditions for an audition today. The sun was out, there was no traffic, it was unusually quiet in Central London, I arrived early (so could chill before checking-in), I was relaxed, I knew my lines, and the casting director and series director were both lovely and laid back.

I was happy with my performance and that's all an actor/actress can really ask for after an audition; there's nothing worse than feeling like you really messed up your chances by forgetting your lines or letting your nerves get the better of you. If you can walk out of that audition room feeling like you gave it your best shot, then the rest is up to all the other stuff that you can't control (whether you are a good fit with the rest of the cast, etc.), so give yourself a pat on the back, and if not, just use that experience as a lesson for future auditions.

The other thing that I got to enjoy about this experience was the fact that I was able to get some "me time" when I could be with my own thoughts, explore future plans in my head, and just connect with myself for a little while.

The best part about today though, was coming home and being greeted with such joy and excitement from my boys, "Mummy's home!", and perhaps a little sigh of relief from my partner as he handed our baby over to me!

Today was a good day.

The Great fire of London monument in the City, which I didn’t actually see today but thought I’d share this picture as it kinda fitted with my post!

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