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The Ferrari 812 Superfast is exactly what it sounds like

"Every shift of the gears unleashes a burst of torque as I link corners on the mountain roads of Northern California. I hit the brakes hard as I head into a curve. I'm not even sure I needed to brake. The wheels are firmly planted to the asphalt and I power ou…"


Apple might force Facebook to change how its apps handle voice calls

" A change coming in iOS 13 could force Facebook to change Messenger and WhatsApp. As The Information reports, Apple will no longer allow these apps to run Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) in the background when it's not in use. At the moment, apps like Mess…"


GrubHub is quietly replacing restaurant phone numbers on Yelp

" GrubHub has once again been accused of hijacking restaurants' online presences in the name of revenue. Motherboard has learned that some phone listings in the Yelp app have been replaced with GrubHub numbers so that the delivery service can collect a "referra…"


Second season of Netflix's 'Mindhunter' focuses on the Atlanta Child Murders

" Back in the '70s, law enforcement struggled to find serial killers like Ted Bundy and the BTK Killer -- not to mention understand the dark forces that drove them. The Netflix drama Mindhunter depicts the pioneering work of two fictional FBI agents du..."


Senators question whether Facebook is doing enough to protect kids’ privacy

" Senators are questioning Facebook again. This time their concerns are related to a design flaw that let thousands of kids join group chats with unauthorized users, The Verge reports. Senators Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) wrote a le…"


Apple revives the retro Claris name as it expands beyond FileMaker

"Apple is going back to its roots, although not necessarily in the way you'd expect. The tech giant is changing the name of FileMaker back to Claris, the company Apple spun out in 1987 to handle apps like FileMaker as well as MacPaint and MacWrite...."


Instagram’s 'huge booty' problem keeps getting worse

" There isn't a day when I don't come across comments from bots on Instagram. They're all over the place. But there's nothing they love more than to spam high-profile pages with millions of followers. Whether it's LeBron James, Kim Kardashian, ESPN or..."


NYC's first self-driving shuttle service launches tomorrow

" Beginning tomorrow, Optimus Ride will run six autonomous shuttles in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. While other companies have tested self-driving shuttles in New York City, Optimus Ride claims this is the first self-driving vehicle system to launch in both..."


Google 更新圖片搜尋,讓產品比較簡易

" Google 稍早公開了全新的圖片搜尋介面,主要的改變是讓比較不同的照片變得更容易。最直觀的差異,就是點選圖片後原本是在下面展開一個詳細內容的深色橫條,而現在則是被改成在右邊欄展開了。如此一來,當你繼續向下卷動時,之前點選的圖片會繼續留在右邊,讓你和新出現的圖片做比較。 如果你點選的圖片來自購物網站,並被標記為「商品」的話,右邊欄還會顯示額外資訊,包括品牌、價格、有無存貨和評測等。這對於購買一些品項多元的產品(例如:瓷盤)時,應該能更有效地協助買家縮小範圍到特定產品之上。這對圖片搜尋(特別是以圖搜圖)的實用性來…"


Google 更新圖片搜尋,讓產品比較簡易

" 最新網際網路文章 Facebook 因 Cambridge Analytica 數據洩漏案被 FTC 罰款 50 億美元 2019 年 7 月 25 日 View Alphabet 的網路氣球已經飛了總計 100 萬小時了 2019 年 7 月 24 日 View Google 以影片 Doodle 來紀念阿波羅 11 號登月 50 週年 2019 年 7 月 19 日 View Image credit: 8 月 1 日 2019 年 8 月 1 日, 晚上 10:00 首個結合 AR 的樂高系列「Hidden…"


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