YouTube(Singapore) Top5 Trending Autos & Vehicles

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No 1: 31AUG2019太子車廂警拉人足本


No 2: I Opened A Free Car Dealership

This video means a lot to me, i'm so happy with how it went! BRAND NEW Merch - SUBSCRIBE OR I TAKE YOUR DOG ---------------------------------------------------------------- follow all of these or i will kick you • Facebook - • Twitter - • Instagram - h

No 3: 逾百市民圍港鐵太子站

No 4: 【香港8.31夜外國人被捕】(完整英文字幕版with English subtitle)晚上警察衝進多個地鐵站,無差別打市民和搜捕。防暴警察出現荔景站,有外國人質問警察的做法,最後被警察拘捕。

香港8月31日晚上,警察衝進多個地鐵站,無差別打市民和搜捕。 有居港24年外籍人士,在地鐵內訴說他對北京當局做法的不理解,當列車駛至荔景站,大批防暴警察出現,該外籍人士質問警察的做法時說,2047後的香港,中共想如何做都可以,但現在香港是一個法治之地,他強調一國兩制的兩制。 他表示要回家,他不理警方的戒備線,繼續走下樓梯,最後被多個警察按在地上拘捕。 旁邊的圍觀者對警察說,不要那麼粗暴,人家都是想回家而已。 We already know Hong Kong extradition law has deep impact on Hongkonger, but it also makes foreigner here feel uncomfortable: this gentleman li

No 5: Anti-government protesters create turbulence at Hong Kong airport

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Read our full report: Anti-government protesters caused chaos outside Hong Kong International Airport on September 1, before shifting their action to the nearby suburb of Tung Chung. The protesters vandalised an MTR station and forced the closure of

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