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RE: Undone

I love this paragraph -

She had tried sticking them back with sellotape and her father's Gummy Paper Glue. It just peeled off and stuck in her hair. She prayed every night to God, the Virgin Mary and St Anthony. Each morning upon waking she ran to the mirror desperate for a sign, but pray as hard as she may, an answer came there none. A child with a very determined nature, she redoubled her efforts and went to mass twice on Sundays. Three times on feast days.

Very funny and quite sad at the same time.

The teacher pissed his pants. lol


Oh no, it was Trudy's mother, not the teacher. Eeeeek, I'll have to rewrite it:)


I will allow. That would make it so much more embarassing. Yikes. You write a great horror story.

I was kiddin'. I won't rewrite. I hate to revisit anything after I post it unless it's a grammar mistake. Thanks though.

I thought about it after I posted it. It probably won't be fair since it is closed now. You're an honorable man.

Results coming out in about an hour or so.