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RE: Undone

This is beautifully written and descriptive @deirdyweirdy. 💕 I could feel your pain.

Kids can be cruel to each other and will pick on anything about another one.

Ears that seem large as a child are not so noticeable once the head gets bigger. I knew a girl who ad surgery to pin back hers.

The scene with the mother would be horrifying to anyone but that’s on her. Although not funny, it was like a skit on Saturday Night Live.


I had my own ears pinned back the minute I had the cash and yes, kids can be very cruel.
Thanks a lot for the comment and the vote and the resteem and .....

Welcome @deirdyweirdy. The girl who had her ears pinned back surgical has a daughter with the same ears. Believe it or not these ears are celebrated. She is ten yrs now and is proud of her ears.
Times and attitudes sure have changed. That’s a good thing 😊

Now that's a story! How times have changed indeed.

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