2019 the 1st working day | 2019 的第一個工作天

in 2019 •  21 days ago

Here is the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Sports Center, a very beautiful park. There have a large grass playground, I always think if Hazel can play at here that her will be very happy. But this is no dogs allow.

This sports center have the basic facilities, such as badminton, table tennis and squash playground. And an indoor standard swimming pool. I am working at here sometimes!

這裡是孫中山紀念公園體育中心,一個非常漂亮的公園。 那裡有一個大草坪,我一直想如果Hazel可以在這裡玩,一定會很開心的,可是這兒是不允許狗兒進入的。


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