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Hello, lovely steemians!

Around the end of August I made a list of 10 things I wanted to do before the end of 2018. And... well... the end of 2018 is here now and in my last post of the year I am going to look at that list and evaluate, how I did.

Here it goes:

  1. Write and publish at least 10 articles on steemit
    I did well on this one. Original plan was to write an article every time I check the item from this list, but that didn't happen (or it did, but I did not check 10 items), that's why the number was 10. I've definitely written more than that

  2. Try self-serve frozen yogurt
    Nope. The excuse is, that the self-serve place close to my home is not there anymore, so I lost the convenience of it. And now I need to wait until next summer to want to try a frozen treat.

  3. Visit Hamilton
    Nope. Another thing I need to move to next summer (or at least spring).

  4. Learn In-Design
    Somewhat. I did watch an online course and I created some work, but the work I created didn't require any text, only images. So, I learned how to work with In-design, I just didn't use it to its full potential.

  5. Publish a picture book
    Yes! It was almost ready at the time of writing the original article, and it's been out for a while. What I need to do now, is to figure out how to properly promote it.

  6. Watch 5 movies on Netflix
    I didn't. I did only watch 1 movie on Netflix since August. Sad, right? As I mentioned in one (or several) of my previous articles, I spent a lot of time at my day job and afterwards, I chose to spend my time of differently. I preferred to read, or to watch shorter videos on youtube or dtube, rather than full movies.

  7. Publish a coloring book
    Success! I managed to published a coloring book before the picture book, even tough I started to work on it later. Anyways, the promotion issue is real with this one, too.


  8. Try the bubble tea
    I did it.


  9. Create and publish a journal/planner
    Not yet. I realized that my original idea needs some adjustments and afterwards, I am going to need to test the planner, so it will take me more time to finish it. I am definitely going to make it next year!

  10. Try chicken wings
    Another thing for me to do in 2019.

So, as you can see, I did not do most of the items on the list. Despite that fact, I don't consider my 2018 to be a failure. I feel that I reached the most significant goals and I am quite happy about how my end of the year turned out.

What about you? Did you manage to reach all your goals of 2018?


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