the -ISH in MUSIC and the Story of the Bookmarks

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One of my ways to discover great music is by bookmarking recommendations from those people I respect their taste in music; all in my Spotify account. Sure, when I hear some music online, I quickly skip through the track/album/set to get a flavour, but that doesn't tell me if I really like the complete works. I simply have to listen a large part of the material to be able to decide IN or OUT. Spotify and bookmarking helps me not to forget.

I tried other methods - and still use them as well - like a 'note' I share between my laptop/computer and phones; But for some reason the Spotify-way works best for me. Well, as long as I have the listing order of the albums chronologicaly; Since only then I have the newest bookmarked music at the top and in direct view when opening my laptop client; Which serves as a trigger!

This morning I didn't want to start my tasks for the weekend immediately (administration, tidying and cleaning my place) and since I already decided a week or so ago I like to become more active again sharing music I discover and like, so I flipped open my laptop, firedup Spotify, while having a great cup of coffee standing next to me.

My eyes fell on a very new entry in my bookmark list. Even all of this happened more than a couple of hours ago, I still don't know where this entry came from. I initially thought it may come from some Steemian, but asksteem is not returning anything (or I'm simply using wrong search queries).

Flipping and skipping through the album pushed me to flip and skip a bit more. The general feel of the album is kinda underground-ish, kinda minimal-ish, kinda trancy-ish, kinda house-ish, kinda experimental-ish. The 5th track "Xing Tian" (around 18 minute mark till about 4 minutes beyond) is the one I really like BTW! Also the last track "Life's What You Make It" (last couple of minutes of the recording) belongs to those I'll surely will listen many times more. The rest of the album is kinda ok to good-ish to me. Good-ish enough I'll not throw the album out of my bookmark list, yet! :)

Whatever -ish the album is...

It is for sure material one (I/You) can dance to!

Lets Dance 2gether and Enjoy the Start of our Weekend!

Artist: Daphni
Album: Joli Mai
Year: 2017
Country: Canada

source youtube spotify


Face To Face
Carry On
Xing Tian
The Truth
Hey Drum
Joli Mai
Life's What You Make It

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I never thought of bookmarking music recommendations! I use pocket for bookmarking articles, but don't the same music is a great idea!

Super! You gonna like this. And you'll maybe gonna be surprised as well, since others may bring you music you would not listen to yourself. I see the bookmarking as a great way to listen to a wide variety of music, since almost all recommendations I write down, I'll listen to at some point in time. Sometimes it may take a year or more, sometimes just a few minutes. But in the end, nothing will be forgotten. I have some great discoveries of artists I regularly listen to, because of this system I have.

Yes, that is the best thing, discovering music that is outside your normal circle of listening. Helps to see things in a different light, and hopefully learn a trick or two!

do you know soad? it's my favorite group I made a post about them